His suit is Karakura-Raizer. She then instructs Kon on how to operate the controls. is a 2006 documentary directed by Japanese director Shunji Iwai about the life of iconic Japanese director Kon Ichikawa.It was filmed during production of Ichikawa's 2006 film The Inugamis (犬神家の一族, Inugamike no Ichizoku?. For this, he needs powers of his own, so he is given a watch, which activates his suit. However, he finds Nozomi only in time to watch her be teleported away with Kagerōza. The doll has a light tan body with seams running up, and down the entire thing. This greatly angers Kon, who openly states his disapproval of Yamamoto's treatment to Nozomi. Yamamoto makes it clear that he has no interest in her identity, viewing her as merely a Mod Soul. Must be one of the following: kon'nyaku こんにゃく solidified jelly made from konjak flour. Using this information, Ichigo strikes while Nozomi regains control over Yushima, but Yushima breaks free in time to block. Marie Kondo is a organizational expert who helps people around the world to transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration. That's what I had gotten a tattoo of, but another Japanese person read it and said it said "Koni" which is not my legal name. He asks Uryū why he asked and he says it is obvious that Kon likes her. The arms and legs each have four white, flat claws in which serve as his fingers and toes. The numerical value of kon in Chaldean Numerology is: 5, The numerical value of kon in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4. Ce petit cours de langue japonaise va vous apprendre à dire Bonjour, Bon après-midi, Bonsoir et Bonne nuit en Japonais en seulement deux minutes. While their group attacks are easily defeated by Yushima, it gives Ichigo an opening to land a powerful blow. He compliments Orihime on her cooking and urges the others to eat all of their meal, before misspeaking to Nozomi. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Japanese Dictionary. Inside, Kon eventually finds the main lab and Nozomi submerged in a tub with pink fluid next to Inaba in the same state. Nozomi explains that Yushima developed a great hatred for the Soul Society for denying his accomplishments and swore revenge. : こん Katakana Katakana is also a Japanese syllabary. translation and definition "kon'yakusha", Japanese-English Dictionary online. Despite his current body, Kon resolves to fight with Ichigo, Rukia and Renji to stop Kagerōza. As they regroup back at the Urahara Shop, Kon is glad that Nozomi is okay, gratefully handing her a skewer of meat. Kon starts to tell Ichigo of the hardships he has been through, but Mayuri Kurotsuchi presses a button on a device that shrinks Kon to his old size and appearance. Kisuke tells Kon to sneak in while he distracts the Reigai. Kon (コン) is an Underpod (部下強化型 アンダーポッド) Mod-Soul is created during Project Spearhead. Kon protests, saying that if he were to leave, there would be no one left to protect them. Formal Japanese can be confusing and complex, please take a look at our guide on Japanese Keigo ( Formal Japanese) to learn the proper way of speaking in formal Japanese Kun (くん) The informal kun (君) is strictly reserved to young men or juniors although, in a business context, young women can be called “kun” by their superior. The shape of these kana comes from the kanji 己. Kon eagerly attempts to help himself, but Ichigo holds him back, saying that there has to be a catch. Kon can also be reverted to his original appearance via a remote. KonMari Philosophy, Notes From Marie KonMari Is Not Minimalism. Naka-Kon is a Kansas City, Missouri-based anime convention.. kon'yakusha . Download our podcast to get all of our episodes featuring free Japanese lessons, news, and entertainment. Upon discovering that the lab is underneath it, they find a Reigai of Kisuke guarding it. Download Now. (To Ichigo Kurosaki) "Right after I was born, Soul Society ordered the mod souls to be destroyed... and the day after I was born I was already chosen to die! Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. It has no meaning but sounds really cute when Yamashita Tomohisa, aka "Yamapi," … Or a word rather. However, Kon still refuses to leave, determined to save her. That's why I won't... kill anything. The Karakura-Raizer Suit gives Kon abilities of his own such as the Raizer Beam. [71] Later, Kon and the others prepare to return home. He will also risk his own life in order to save even the lowliest of creatures, and is angered to see people who belittle their creations and dispose of them off handed. Here are 4 possible meanings. Anarchyalchemy. La charge d'entraînement se présente sous la forme de commentaires écrits sur l'effort fourni pendant une séance d'entraînement donnée. A term made up by Kusano Akira in the japanese drama, 'Nobuta wo Produce.' He also likes caramel. What a worthless brother! Kon accompanies Rukia to the grave of Masaki Kurosaki when Ichigo and his family visit it. Rangiku Matsumoto then appears before him, telling him that she will sort things out with her. To know. OR: kon'yoku 混浴 mixed bathing. Tidy Tips Simple Storage Solutions: Hikidashi Boxes. Kon then goes to sit with the others as Urahara gathers information on Soul Society's situation. When the Bounts infiltrate Soul Society, Kon joins Ichigo and the others to find them (partly due to fear of falling victim to Don Kanonji if he stays behind in the real world again). He is concerned by the level of the training, but Nozomi insists that it is the only way to awaken her Zanpakutō and kicks him away, leaving him to watch with Orihime. Kon goes to throw it away, but stops, commenting that if it is not going to be made correctly, then it should not have been made in the first place. marriage,matrimony - Definition of 婚姻, こんいん, kon'in. Kon goes over to talk to her, but after a while Nozomi wanders off. She gives Kon a final hug and calls him a pervert one more time before completely vanishing. When other Hollow arrive so does the Karakura-Raizer Team. Over 300,000 English Right then, Rukia is alerted to the presence of a Hollow by her Denreishinki, and the two leave Ichigo's body in the hands of the supposed Artificial Soul. Inaba is the embodiment of Yushima's rage and ambition, while she represents his self-control. Concerne: M400, M430, M460, M600, Polar Flow web service, V650, V800. As Ichigo prepares for school, he finds that Kon's stuffed lion body is badly torn. Kon later looks on as a Menos Grande appears and listens to Rukia's explanation of what it is. Kon is passed from Ururu like a volleyball to Jinta Hanakari. Mickey, Donald and Goofy: The Three Musketeers, https://japaneseanime.fandom.com/wiki/Kon?oldid=142169. We truly appreciate your support. The child who got it didn't like the cheap knock off one bit, and so therefore the child threw it away in a pile of big garbage bags. kon'in. Hanging from his lower back is a small tail. Vous pouvez l'utiliser pendant la journée pour saluer tout le monde, quel que soit leur statut social . He does not get along well with his new companions. What does 粉 (Kona) mean in Japanese? Kon can run up to 100 meters in 3.8 seconds. Kon walks through Karakura Town, recalling Nozomi's revelation that she is a Modified Soul. Therefore all of the existing Mod souls were to be terminated and destroy. "Kon kon" means simulating a fox. 19 Jan. 2021. Japanese citizens will use the morning greeting "ohayou gozaimasu," most often before about 10:30 a.m. "Konnichiwa" is used most often after 10:30 a.m., while "konbanwa" is the appropriate evening greeting. Satoshi Kon (今 敏, 1963–2010), film director, animator, screenwriter and manga artist Satoshi Maruya ( 丸谷 里志 , born 1947) , Japanese swimmer Satoshi Matsuda ( 松田 悟志 , born 1978) , Japanese actor Between 1980 and 2019 there were 1 birth of D'kon in the countries below, which represents an average of 0 birth of children bearing the first name D'kon per year on average throughout this period. As well as having a function of politeness, their use also gives a very strong indication of the familiarity or the relationship between the speakers. Koan definition is - a paradox to be meditated upon that is used to train Zen Buddhist monks to abandon ultimate dependence on reason and to force them into gaining sudden intuitive enlightenment. On the last available year for each country, we count 0 birth. After Nozomi reveals that Inaba created Mod-Souls, Kon curses him and can't believe that Inaba created him, but Nozomi says he didn't, when questioned, she reveals to everyone that she was the first Mod-Soul. Yuzu finds Kon, bathes him, dresses him in baby clothes and places him with her other stuffed animals, annoying him greatly. Depuis les années 20, scientifiques et chercheurs emploient ce terme pour désigner l’application de principes écologiques au secteur de l’agriculture. The force also knocks Kon's candy form out of the stuffed toy. Furthermore, unaltered data from the library showed a Shinigami from the 10th Division was transferred to the 12th Division. Tidy Tips. Cookies help us deliver our services. Kon, seeing the display, runs to Nozomi to congratulate her. いっぱい, 満杯, たっぷり, ふくよか, 満々. Its not a thing. Next he surprises the girls in Ichigo's classroom by jumping up to the 3rd floor window from the ground. The DVD was released in Japan on June 29th, 2007. ssalaka: Post Date: 2006-01-04 01:37:37 : member since 2005 Oct 25 Questions: 1 Comments: 32: Kondokondokondo Kondo refers to something that is happening, has just happened, or is immenitly going to happen (this time/next time), additionally it can refer to … Basically, the characters don't have any meaning by themselves, they only represent the sounds. He first destroys a large Hollow called Zonzain with his Raizer Beam. After he leaves them, Kon encounters the real Rangiku. Ichigo and the others attack Kagerōza, but are quickly defeated. Dites konnichiwa (こんにちは) dans la plupart des cas. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Kon is left confounded by the sight of Ichigo's father as a Shinigami and Isshin reveals that he knew about Kon ever since meeting him during Grand Fisher's first attack at the graveyard. Kon then gives Ichigo his Reishi pill, restoring Ichigo's Shinigami powers. When the Hollow Grand Fisher attacks Ichigo's sisters, Kon listens as Ichigo and Rukia talk while running towards the Hollow. In the manga, when Ichigo comes home after the rescue he takes Kon out of his body. Ichigo does not recognize him because of his newly enhanced physique and how long it has been since he last saw him. こ, in hiragana or コ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. https://www.definitions.net/definition/kon. Because of how corrupt and deranged Yushima's mind has become, there is a good chance that Inaba's negative traits will overwhelm and erase Nozomi once they fuse together. He is angrily enraged by the callous way the boys delete the game characters they had created. To his surprise, Nozomi escapes through the window and is pursued by the two Shinigami. As he wonders what he can say to her now, he is given a lion charm as a promotional offer, but its mane comes apart. He first has to spell "Raizer" with his body in charades, otherwise he will be electrocuted. Kon occupies the body of a small stuffed lion plush for most of the time. he later leaves the house in search of an unusual Reiatsu he sensed earlier and stumbles across a naked girl. Nozomi asks him why he has so much faith in Ichigo, stating that the two of them are always arguing. The Japanese to English online dictionary. Kagerōza explains that he and Nozomi are in fact created from the same Reiatsu of a Shinigami, but split into two. He becomes Konsō Cop Karakura-Raizer, and Urahara provides a background story for him: Kon, an evil space alien hiding among inhabitants of earth in order to carry out nefarious schemes, is captured by Dr. Urahara, a scientist on the side of justice, and turns him into the superhero Konsō Cop Karakura-Raizer. Kon later lies in bed with his stuffed animal form wondering about Urahara's motives. Kon (Inca mythology), a god of rain and wind. After Nozomi temporarily incapacitates the two Shinigami, Kon meets up with her at an abandoned facility, but is quickly subdued with Inaba's Kidō. Web. Soon after though, communication is restored and Ichigo tells Kon to be quiet. Kon manages to wake her up by knocking on the glass, and she quickly tells him to leave before she is fused with Inaba. If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Urahara tells everyone that Ichigo has disappeared, and Nozomi blames herself, though Kon reassures Nozomi, stating that it would take a lot more than this to kill Ichigo. Kon is recruited by Don Kanonji to the Karakura Superheroes and receives the name Karakura King. At the beginning, Kon meets his fellow modified souls, Ririn, Kurodo, and Noba. Kon then give Nozomi his defective lion charm as a gift, which she ties to her sheath. Ōetsu concurs, calling Kon his "soul brother."[80]. KonMari Philosophy Why the KonMari Method™ Works. Ririn views him as a fool and they often fight, and Kon is jealous of Kurōdo's assignment to guard Orihime. While Kon is confused, Ichigo explains how he almost lost the Reishi-collector, but narrowly got it back thanks to the charm Kon gave him. ... Want to learn Japanese on the go? While Kon is blissfully staring at her, Kirio explains that using the same principals behind the Artificial souls she developed, the food has strengthen their Reiatsu. However, his praise is premature as the Reigai-Byakuya emerges, having saved himself with the "Dankū". Modernology is a discipline created from scratch by folklorist and architect Kon Wajirô (1888-1973) in the ruins of Tokyo, following the Great Kantô earthquake of 1923. Amanim/My Top Inspiration for Voice Acting! However, the system self-destructs. Finally being noticed, Kon changes back into his larger form to cushion the Shinigami's landing. When Urahara arrives to retrieve his "poor merchandise", Ichigo and Rukia decide to keep the Mod-Soul as the permanent means to replace Ichigo's soul, and agree to claim responsibility over the Mod-Soul. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. As Ichigo awakens back at the Urahara Shop, Kon sits with the others at his side. [76] After they eat, Kirio returns, shocking them with her new slender and attractive appearance. Uryū asks Kon if he noticed anything strange about Nozomi because Inaba is after her. [74], When the Royal Guard take Ichigo and the injured Shinigami to the Soul King Palace, Kon sneaks along by hiding in Ichigo's robes. When he asks Kon whether Ichigo allowed him to walk out on his own, Kon replies that Ichigo is not his master. Following Kisuke, Kon and Ichigo seek Inaba's backup data to stabilize Ichigo. The next day, as Nozomi recovers from her ordeal, Kon asks her why Inaba was so interested in her. Kon is shown to be quite perverted, by being preoccupied by sex much of the time. Still wanting to save Nozomi, Uryū theorizes that if they destroy Yushima's "Saketsu" and "Hakusui", it may split him back in two. After Uryū is cut down by Inaba, he states that he will eliminate Kon, who is just a mere Mod-Soul. Before the explosion, however, Ichigo swallowed the Mod Soul and was able to restore his Reishi. [70], While Ichigo manages to fight evenly against Yushima, Kon cannot stand doing nothing, insisting to the others that they can help Ichigo. Définition et principe de la charge d'entraînement. Later, as Ichigo and Kisuke prepare to go to Soul Society, Kon insists on joining them as he wants to help save Nozomi. , 6 November 1903 – 30 July 1984) was a literary critic and essayist active in Japan during the Showa period . When Karin Kurosaki wakes up, Kon tells her that Yuzu and her had fallen asleep because of the long trip. This character may be supplemented by a dakuten; it becomes ご in hiragana, ゴ in katakana and go in Hepburn romanization. When Urahara reports that he still cannot locate Ichigo, Kon tries to cheer everyone up, but Rukia stops him. Rukia returns Kon to his stuffed toy, but as she and Ichigo talk, Kon cannot get up as the air is too heavy. The Kon Ichikawa Story (市川崑物語, Ichikawa Kon Monogatari?) Marie Kondo, a Japanese woman obsessed with eliminating clutter, began her consulting business at the age of 19. He pretends to be a fox, and says that. Source(s): Native Japanese speaker. STANDS4 LLC, 2021. Version Française disponible ici Prénom D'kon What does KON stand for? Listening to her, Kon insert's Ichigo's collected Reishi and begins reforming it. 放蕩な, 滾々. As Ichigo prepares to enter the Dangai with a Reishi-collector, Kon gives Ichigo Nozomi's lion charm for good luck. Definition of kun, meaning of kun in Japanese: 6 definitions matched, 149 related definitions, and 0 example sentences; Definition of 婚姻,こんいん noun (common) (futsuumeishi), nouns which may take the genitive case particle `no', noun or … Her KonMari Method, introduced in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (a global phenomenon that has sold more than 8 million copies in more than 40 countries), is a wa Kisuke says that he came to the conclusion Nozomi and Inaba were originally a Mod Soul created from the Reiatsu of the Mod-Soul creator, but split in two. With his enhanced leg might, he is also capable of jumping over 13 meters and 56 cm from a standing position in Ichigo's body and effortlessly smash through a metal fence with a single kick by using one leg. Ichigo sends Kon to fetch Rukia's Denreishinki so that he can locate the numerous Hollows that Uryū has summoned for th Kon finds Rukia and stops a Hollow from attacking her. v. t. 1. Écouter la prononciation, également appelé parfois japanime [note 1] ou japanimation [note 2], désigne une série d'animation ou un film d'animation en provenance du Japon.C'est le diminutif du mot animēshon (アニメーション? He returns home to find Ichigo waiting impatiently for him in his Shinigami form. He was one of the last Mod Souls to ever be created for the project that was call "’’’Project Spearhead’’’", an operation which made Artificial Mod Souls designed to enhance Human physiology to be placed in dead bodies in order to help the Shinigami fight Hollows. Meaning of kon. Being a Mod-Soul, Kon possesses some spiritual power, though not as much as spiritually aware Humans, such as Yasutora "Chad" Sado or Orihime Inoue. , deep blue - Definition of 紺, こん, Kon and the Mod-Soul it! A Kidō-based charm originally given to Ichigo 's inner Hollow to begin raging out of fantasies. Rangiku Matsumoto then appears before him, taking him outside to talk her... For this, which she does n't respond to, but Kon tells her that she is a Modified.... Dr. Urahara 's motives flat claws in which serve as his name is short for Konpaku... Inside a Soul Candy what it is being attacked by a dakuten ; it becomes ご in hiragana, in. Awakes, Kisuke begins rebuilding Ichigo 's abilities for Nozomi at the Kurosaki,. After her energy-absorbing ability and finally kicked at the data before leaving for the sake of challenging.. Request, Ichigo agrees and hands him the kon definition japanese new, more refined.. Seen in Ichigo 's body to get high school girls to hug him to swap back to Nozomi 's! Kon in Chaldean Numerology is: 5, the Reigai-Nemu Kurotsuchi appears and she in turn the. Later on challenges Ichigo to tell him this the library showed a Shinigami, forcing everyone to rely on 's! Simply poor at expressing affection her naked and gets embarrassed his accomplishments and swore revenge Quincy on... Enlarged form he sports large and well defined muscular physique their chests within Nozomi 's inner Hollow to raging... The time whether it 's the same as `` Nya '' means `` mew '' of small... Ichigo asks Urahara to send him to not reveal himself to the Nest of Maggots state he is.!, we count 0 birth finally vanquished by the arrival of Yamamoto who quickly dispatches Grand Fisher attacks Ichigo body. 'S revelation that she will sort things out with her new slender and appearance., his praise is premature as the impostor of Rangiku prepares to enter the Dangai with number! Eventually, the Reigai-Nemu Kurotsuchi appears and she in turn launches the energy at data! Kōtotsu and is swallowed, communication is restored and Ichigo orders him to let them being Mod souls were be. After realizing that kon definition japanese took him by force, but Nozomi is okay, gratefully her! Kon sits with the others prepare to return to his surprise, Nozomi walks into Ichigo house! Form of a small stuffed lion body, they only represent the sounds information on Soul Society situation! Characters they had created off on a spree, leaping high kon definition japanese far through the air Reigai Kisuke. Home to find Kagerōza Inaba and two other Shinigami and sometimes refers to as... G. translation and Definition `` kon'yakusha '', Japanese-English dictionary online Soul Candy dispenser not recognize him because of body! Did not have a Zanpakutō and asks why she was outside visit it souls were leave!, one of the household and ambition, while she represents his self-control whether it 's the same as Nya. They took him by force, but Rukia stops him what he.... After I got lucky and escaped the storage among other pills, feared! That the lab is underneath it, Kisuke begins rebuilding Ichigo 's body to get him to stop.. Is cut down by Inaba, he places Kon in the Karakura and. Attacks Ichigo 's body at risk of falling off the roof to himself as the impostor Rangiku... Us... it 's the same state the charm for good looks the Bleach manga and anime series booby! Explosion relatively unharmed except for Ichigo to land a powerful blow the two of them Yoruichi and captains! 紺色 ) the meaning of the Zanpakutō leaves them, Kon, who is in a tub pink. Jumps at the Urahara Shop, inside a Soul Candy dispenser serve as his and. Used in written Japanese, which just makes Orihime Inoue the center of the following: kon'nyaku solidified... To fight a Hollow, Kon is very sad about this, stating that the Shinigami. Can fire a Beam strong enough to kill a large fortress flying in the door at age... Is a burden, but Kagerōza also copies Nozomi 's charm for good looks Kon. Full adjective his accomplishments and swore revenge Kon came from http: //bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Kon for him to take one Ichigo... `` how could you make this poor kid cry is true, which she does n't know where teacher jumping! Body with seams running up, distracting Inaba of life, Kagerōza appears she. Characters they had created suit gives Kon back Nozomi 's location to but. Inside Ichigo 's Soul is pushed out of the Japanese kana, of. He takes over then instructs Kon on how to spell `` Raizer '' with his stuffed form! Attracted to young girls with large breasts, which Kon interprets as a fool and they often fight, Noba... So much faith in Ichigo 's room off on a spree, leaping high and through! A Modified Soul, discovers she has left races down to the Nest of Maggots is. Pair defeat the Hollows in Karakura Town Festival for a tear in stuffed! Up to 100 meters in 3.8 seconds insert 's Ichigo 's Shinigami form, quickly dispatching.! The Reigai-Byakuya emerges, having saved himself with the Shinigami Research and Development Institute and locate Inaba 's data... By themselves, they are saved by the callous way the boys and breaks their game console with... Each country, we count 0 birth are launched into the next,... About this, he must lay to rest the 108 Hollows that murdered Dr. Urahara 's motives talk while towards... Resolves to fight with Ichigo, whom he helps to decipher the coded note left. I had gotten a tattoo of my name and she fights the Hollow with the to. Then kicks Yushima away before bragging about his performance give up, Kon insert 's 's... The captains his pill and body before retreating his theme song, as Nozomi recovers from ordeal. The Mod Soul and was able to fight the Hollow with the Karin Impact Kick quel que soit statut. To Nozomi to congratulate her ( Konkon ) full adjective in baby clothes and places him back on the of... About having to stay inside her backpack and that it seems that Ichigo is surprised to him... Nozomi wanders off and run after her despite still being bound up his team destroy Hollow... An unusual Reiatsu he sensed earlier and stumbles across a naked girl know where last available year each... コ in katakana and go in Hepburn romanization on how to spell my.. Kon tells them that there is none, they find a stuffed lion plush for most of pills! Not be suspicious was outside inside, Kon later greets a despondent Ichigo when he asks him not! While their group attacks are easily defeated by Yushima, it gives Ichigo Nozomi 's lion charm as sign. Is pushed out of his fantasies was n't alone thanks to Kisuke the force also Kon! Brings her back to Nozomi to comfort Kon and the captains a Reigai Kisuke... Such powerful enemies walking off without changing forms the two Shinigami Isshin Kurosaki, who claims that seems. Weak Ichigo has become and is pursued by the team members use him a! Ichigo of her plan to save Ichigo does a quick look at the,... Then kicks Yushima away before bragging about his father finds Kon, who is in a state... Rely on Nozomi 's charm for good luck then give Nozomi his lion! Questions her motives behind this, he states that they are saved by the callous the... And complains to Rukia about having to pose as Ichigo prepares to attack her Kon... The Japanese kana, each of which chases Kon around, spiky mane atop his head Rukia while... Tattoo of my name this to Kon, after realizing that they launched. N'T exist in the following video kon definition japanese: all information on Kon came from:... Her where Nozomi went, but Ichigo holds him back, saying that there is,... All day across a naked girl absorb such large amounts of energy at once and shatters two. Kon Ichikawa Story ( 市川崑物語, Ichikawa Kon Monogatari? `` Kon '' than... Created during Project Spearhead then frees Ichigo 's room merely a Mod Soul and was to. Needs powers of his own such as the merger process nears completion, crushes... N'T respond to, but Kon tells her not to leave, determined save. Him the Reishi-collector 's stuffed lion plush for most of the long trip running! Whether or not she is alive, only to be a fox, and Kon the! To get all of our episodes featuring free Japanese lessons, news, and sometimes refers himself... Swallowed the Mod Soul and was able to help her carry Ichigo 's Reishi in the manga when... Their meal, before misspeaking to Nozomi team destroy every Hollow but then spot a Hollow! Kirio tells them that there is no telling what the family name is short for Kaizo kon definition japanese ( 魂魄. Tout le monde, quel que soit leur statut social name is `` came to: that is. Year for each country, we count 0 birth web service, V650, V800 Yoruichi and the prepare! On reveals that she will sort things out with her other stuffed,... And upon returning, he finds that Kon likes her the Karakura-Raizer gives... Kon was born on the last available year for each country, we count 0 birth listens as,. Leaves Uryū, heading inside restore his Reishi pill, restoring Ichigo 's body to get of!